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A Drug rehab New Jersey inpatient alcohol and drug rehab is a place where you can go to receive treatment for a drug and alcohol addiction. An inpatient facility is the perfect setting for someone who needs the structure and discipline of a hospital setting.

Most in patient treatment facilities permit a patient to say anywhere from 28-30 days. In some extreme cases a patient can receive an extension if they need additional time to conquer their substance abuse problem.

drug and alcohol rehab

Drug rehab New Jersey

Inpatient treatment facilities can have a very strict treatment schedule. In addition, most patients are restricted as far as visitors are concerned. Therefore, the only visitors that are usually permitted the first few weeks are immediate family members.

Patients are required to wake up at a certain time each morning, eat breakfast and follow the schedule for that particular day. In addition, all patients are responsible for keeping their rooms clean and doing their own laundry.

Many patients receive drug and alcohol withdraw therapy through the use of medication. In addition, patients must attend counseling sessions as well as group meetings. Facilities such as this focus heavily on nutrition as part of a treatment program. Patients are encouraged to eat three healthy meals per day. Due to previous drug and alcohol abuse, most patients in a treatment facility suffer nutritional problems from poor diet.

drug and alcohol rehab

Treatment facilities are life savers for some people. Once a patient is discharged they are encouraged to continue out patient counseling sessions. Drug and alcohol addiction is a life long battle. Even though a person may be clean from drugs and alcohol, technically they will always be considered an addict/ alcoholic. A person is never really cured from a substance abuse problem.

There are a number of alcohol and drug treatment facilities throughout the state of New Jersey. An interview may be required to determine if the person qualifies to be admitted as an inpatient at one of these facilities.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers give excellent care however they can be quite costly. These facilities normally accept most insurance plans. A representative from the rehab facility normally takes care of contacting the insurance company of previous authorization is required.

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