Drug rehabilitation to restore the brain damage because of drug addiction

brain damage

The abused use of drug does not only give the euphoric effects to the addicts but also has real physical impact. The euphoric effects are the feeling of happiness, excited and relax which is mental condition that preferred by the addicts to forget their problems with Drug rehabilitation. The truth about the euphoric effects is the fact that it is a short cut for people who can not find happiness in real life.

Being hopeless to solve the real problems, they choose to get rid from the pain, loneliness or disappointment by stimulating the fake happy feelings with drug. If the addicts think that the emotion is the only effect of their drug, they have made a big wrong assumption. Drugs can have serious negative effect to human body, especially to brain. It needs more than just strong willingness to restore the damage. The addicts will need professional doctor’s help in drug rehabilitation.

drug addiction everything you need to know

The use of drugs in general aims to provide large amount of dopamine in the brain directly or indirectly. Providing directly means that the drug act as dopamine or similar to dopamine, while indirectly means that the drug will stimulate the brain to produce dopamine more than normal or to prevent the natural process to recycle the substance. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that controls the response of euphoric effects. The cells in brain will adjust to the flood of dopamine and make the same amount of dopamine will have lesser effect after repeated use of drugs.

More drugs are required to stimulate the happy feelings because of the tolerance effect. At the end of the day, the addicts will find them self needs more and more drugs or come to the stage of addiction.

The brain damage also happens due to the altered glutamate. It is the natural neurotransmitter which is responsible for learning, logical behavior, judgment, decision making and memory. Once this neurotransmitter is disturbed, the addicts will loss the ability to act normal against their life. They will not able to see the severe effect of their addiction to their work, study or family. Instead of getting help, they will seek more drugs to feel the comfort in life.

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Drug rehabilitation starts with this aspect

The first step of drug rehabilitation or retreat is to neutralize the effect of drug to brain. Bring the normal level of dopamine is as important as to restore the production of glutamate. Some drugs will have withdrawal effect when the addicts stop taking them. It means the addicts will feel uncomfortable feelings, bad mood, body shake, abnormal heart pulse and headache.

Doctors in the rehab center try to ease the withdrawal syndrome with safe medication. The neutralization process is also called as detoxification. A process in which a the toxin is neutralize and taken out from the metabolism.

Once the physical aspect of treatment is accomplished by the normal and clean metabolism, the treatment center should continue with the non physical aspect. The addicts should live in a new way of living; avoid the environment that introduced them to drug by attending counseling in personal session or group counseling.

The restoration of brain damage is not enough, because the source of the problem of addiction is not the physical aspect. Addiction is the wrong way of solving problems due to psychological problems faced by the addicts.

26 Photos of the Drug rehabilitation to restore the brain damage because of drug addiction

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