Anti-Addiction Medications to Treat Alcohol Dependency

anti addiction drug might help curb dependence


I used to suffer from addiction and dependency. I know a little bit about this subject. Some claim that these anti-addiction medications are there to help you get over your dependencies. I am not here to argue this point or any others. This I will leave up to your own personal beliefs. Some feel one way. Others feel another. What I will be doing is describing, in brief, some of the drugs that people use in this situation.

anti-addiction medications to treat alcohol dependency

Here’s a personal disclaimer. I have never used any of these drugs. This list is not an endorsement of any kind. It’s just there for your personal perusal, allowing you to make your own choices.

List of Anti-Addiction Medications

1) Naltrexone (also called ReVia or Vivitrol)

This is one of the short-term drugs. It’s used for those who have a major issue with alcohol dependencies. The later is injected into the body once a month. The former is a pill that is taken once daily.

the effects of alcohol dependency

The normal side-effects will happen with this drug. Things like stomach pain, fatigue and headaches will occur. In a rare case a person might suffer liver damage, later on in life. This is only with high dosages though.

2) Campral

This drug allows the person to have a more relaxed-state in the mind. It also helps the person to crave alcohol at a greatly reduced level. The common side-effects with this drug, if any, are the stomach problems, headaches and feeling tired. It’s the same as the above one. This one is often prescribed with other drugs, such as the aversion drugs.

3) Antabuse

This is the final one I will be mentioning. It’s basically an aversion drug. People take this to avoid drinking. When you take this drug you become very sick, if you feel the need to take a drink. As of now, there are no harmful side-effects to taking this drug, in either the short-term or long-term.

Speaking as someone who has been down this road with addiction, you might want to consult with your doctor first. Alcohol dependency is nothing to mess around with, or any kind of dependency for that matter. Before you start a regiment on one of these pills or injections, please talk to your doctor. Make sure it’s the right fit for your recovery.

17 Photos of the Anti-Addiction Medications to Treat Alcohol Dependency

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