Alcohol abuse and its predicament

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Alcohol abuse is an act of having dangerous drinking habits. The practice affects the life of a person negatively. The habit can be drinking every day or drinking too much at a time or even once a week. Individuals who abuse alcohol continue drinking irrespective of the outcome.

They put themselves in dangerous states or drinks too much that they can cause problems. The person who abuses alcohol may eventually become dependent on it. Alcohol dependence is also known as alcoholism. An alcoholic person is mentally or physically addicted to alcohol. The individual also has a strong need or craves to drink to a point they have to drink just to get by.

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Alcohol abuse consequences

Alcohol abuse has both short term and long term consequences. It significantly affects a person’s life. Alcohol causes short-term health problems. The problems include vomiting and headaches and nausea and also slurred speech and impaired judgment. The long-term health concerns include loss of memory and blackout and also liver disease among others. Alcohol abuse on families can cause domestic violence or domestic abuse. Parental alcoholism can significantly affect their children. It can cause depression and negative feelings and also alienation.

Every Individual who suffers from alcohol abuse shows different symptoms as the definition of alcohol abuse is general. The symptoms depend on several factors. The factors include a medical history and individual’s background.

The person who suffers from the disorder tends to drink so that they can feel good. They also drink so that they can relieve stress and feel relaxed. They are restless in most cases. Alcohol abuse will cause violent behavior like fighting. The person always has a legal problem to the point of spending a night or two in jail.

Alcohol Abuse Signs and Symptoms

Alcohol abusers will have a financial problem more often as a result of drinking. They lose their interest in working or going to school. The abuser also loses interest in the family or even friends. They tend to neglect their responsibilities due to heavy drinking or the effects of a hangover. They show no interest in involving themselves in any extracurricular activities. They put alcohol as their priority despite its negative impact on relationship or work.

Drug abuser spends most of their time in a drinking spree. They cannot control the drinking habit.

33 Photos of the Alcohol abuse and its predicament

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